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Nomanis is published twice a year to promote ideas and evidence about effective instruction in reading and related skills, for teachers, parents educational professionals and policymakers. It aims to bring together engaging and readable accounts of developments in the teaching of reading and writing, distilled from the research literature, with a focus on how these findings can be translated into practice.

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Nomanis is published by MultiLit Pty Ltd
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Why Nomanis?

The name Nomanis takes inspiration from the first line of John Donne’s famous poem that begins ‘No man is an island …’, and is a powerful plea for understanding the interconnectedness of us all to each other.

Contributing to Nomanis

Contributions for future editions of Nomanis are welcome – please direct your enquiry to the editors below.

Joint Editor

Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM

E: kevin.wheldall@multilit.com

Joint Editor

Dr Robyn Wheldall

E: robyn.wheldall@multilit.com

Assistant Editor

Dr Nicola Bell

Editorial Team
Sarah Arakelian
Dr Jennifer Buckingham
Dr Mark Carter
Dr Anna Desjardins
Dr Alison Madelaine
Dr Ying Sng

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