Issue 9, June 2020

In this edition, David Kinnane looks at why poor children are more likely to be poor readers – and what we can do about it, while Jodie Watson discusses how we can help children build the discipline of reading. Michael Salter touches on why phonology is important, John Kenny shares information about the teaching of reading he wished he had as a beginning teacher, Kevin Wheldall and Jennifer Buckingham delve into the Year 1 Phonics Check and NSW Curriculum Review, and direct from the US, Daniel Willingham comments on the latest controversy about teaching reading, as Timothy Shanahan knocks down some strawmen arguments on phonics. On child development, Mark Dadds outlines how time-outs can be used positively for mental health, and Annie Brookman-Byrne looks at how genes affect capacity for learning. Plus get your next great book recommendation from What We've Been Reading.

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