Issue 12, December 2021

We’re focusing on what works when it comes to literacy in this edition, and translating scientific evidence into practice both in the policy arena and on the ground in the classroom. Rosalie Martin, Nicola Bell, Jordana Hunter, Jennifer Buckingham, and James Chapman all share their perspectives on this issue.

In a similar vein, Mark Anderson shares how his thinking on the teaching of phonemic awareness has evolved, James Murphy does some myth-busting on the use of coloured papers and overlays in classrooms, and Tim Shanahan advises on how to make considered decisions when there is no research to turn to.

With some confusion in the education sphere about the respective roles of decodable and predictable texts in early reading, articles by Jennifer Buckingham and Simmone Pogorzelski, Susan Main and Janet Hunter provide some insights.

Elsewhere in this edition, Kevin and Robyn Wheldall explain the process behind the creation of assessment tools WARL and WARN, and Noel Pearson outlines his model for effective education in majority Indigenous schools, and how a similar approach could be applied for all disadvantaged students.

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