Issue 16, January 2024

Embracing explicit instruction as a path to creating inclusive classrooms for all students is a focus in this latest edition, with Robyn and Kevin Wheldall, and Greg Ashman offering their views. Jennifer Buckingham, Reid Lyon and Tim Shanahan look to the Science of Reading to discuss the ‘how’ and ‘how much’ of reading instruction, while Matt Barnum investigates new laws in the US to embed findings from scientific research into the teaching of reading. And to get kids off to a great start, David Kinnane provides tips and resources on helping students learn the ‘book language’ they will need for success at school.

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Editorial – RtI or MTSS?: Robyn Wheldall and Kevin Wheldall

What we've been reading

What’s the right amount of reading instruction?: Tim Shanahan

Explicit teaching is inclusive: Greg Ashman

What is at the heart of the Science of Reading for teachers?: Jennifer Buckingham

The science that’s missing from Science of Reading laws: Matt Barnum, Chalkbeat

Tips and resources to help preschooler or school-aged children learn ‘book language’ for later school and life success: David Kinnane

The SpellEx approach to teaching spelling: Alison Madelaine

The development and use of the WARs: Nicola Bell, Robyn Wheldall, Alison Madelaine and Kevin Wheldall

Ten maxims: What we’ve learned so far about how children learn to read: Reid Lyon

Maths is about preparing students to play ‘the game of life’: Siobhan Merlo

We hope you enjoy this edition.

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